Choosing between Online and Offline Civil Service Coaching

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Check all the pros and cons of both online and offline coaching and then make your decision which is a better option for you.

Covid-19 has changed our life to an extent which any pandemic cannot change in a long time. Online classes are growing like mushrooms. Many civil service aspirants feel obstinate in online coaching classes. Covid pandemic has affected their preparation. To Choose Between online and Offline coaching classes has become a crucial decision for the UPSC aspirants these days. If the students want to crack the UPSC exam in the first attempt then they will have to select the best Civil service coaching in Delhi. Check all the pros and cons of both online and offline coaching and then make your decision which is a better option for you. Both the classes online and offline as well are advantageous for the civil service aspirants. Some students prefer online Civil Service Coaching while some go for offline coaching, they both have advantages and disadvantages as well. You Will have to select them as per your need.


Online classes are more flexible

This is one important factor that leads the aspirants to civil Service online coaching. If you attend some best online coaching then you can easily see that the flexibility of online classes make it a big punch. Online classes may be the best option because you can attend classes any time for any subject and in your comfort zone even at your home. But four offline coaching classes you will have to physically present in the classroom to attend it and also maybe time consuming because you will have to travel to reach that particular place where your class is going on.


Difference between the fee structure

A lot of UPSC candidates cannot pay a big amount for the preparation of UPSC. It takes a lot of time and hard work to earn money and anyone will not want to spend it easily. We all look for the best option which can be available at a low price. Online classes are always cheaper than those offline. The reason is quite clear an aspirant has to make many expenses sustaining an offline class. For offline classes, there is a need to arrange a huge space where all the students can gather, In online class, they only need a camera and white board.. The rent of offline coaching institutes are very high. They have to do some other maintenance also. All these expenses are charged from the students.


Doubt Clearing session

When you prepare for the UPSC exam, definitely some doubts will arise in your mind, without clearing the doubts it is difficult to understand these topics well. To Solve a Doubt in an online class, first of all you will have to message your respective teacher then they will clear your doubt. This process can be a bit time consuming. But in an offline session you can clear your doubt within a few minutes. To solve a doubt directly from the teacher is always a better option and if you are unable to understand it properly you can have a discussion on this topic. This choice and portability is not available in online coaching.


Competitive environment

Practicing for mock test series regularly is a vital part of the preparation of UPSC. Here, it is a good chance to check your knowledge and recognize your strong points and weaknesses as well. It will enable you to focus on these points specially. Online mediums are very suitable and convenient for mock test series. But in offline test series, you feel the competitive environment and experience of real examination with a tight time schedule.



A good internet connection is a must for online coaching. Online coaching has money benefits. It is considered like a backbone for the civil service aspirants. But if you live in a far flung area, internet connection is not easily available or the speed is not too good, offline classes are a better choice for you. An offline coaching requires only a room, a blackboard and a teacher. In online classes you need an electronic device or smartphone with good internet connection.


See both side of the coins

Time and location play a vital role while selecting coaching institutes for the preparation of IAS. If you are in reach of a good coaching institute then it can be a great choice for you. It will save your precious time also. Distance or location does not matter in online coaching. You can attend it anywhere ,anytime. So if your residence is far away from the best coaching centers then online coaching is a best option for you. Now you have gone through all the pros and cons of online vs offline coaching. You will be able now to choose the right medium. which is suitable according to your need.

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