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In this video, I will show you how to set up a TURN Server for Nextcloud Video Calls.

------ Contents of this video ---------------------------
00:10 - Connect to your TURN server using putty and login as a root user.
00:26 - Install coturn.
00:50 - Enable coturn as a service.
01:10 - Configure the coturn file.
03:53 - Generate secret string.
04:55 - Setup the TURN server on Nextcloud 19.
05:50 - Create new group conversation on Nextcloud talk.
06:18 - Start the call.
06:46 - Confirmed the TURN server is working.
06:55 - Outro.

---- Commands to set up a TURN Server -------

I have used:
1.Ubunto server 20.04 LTS.
2.Dedicated Public IP address or FQDN.

Step 1: install coturn.
# apt-get install coturn

Next enable coturn as service(use the editor of your choice):
# nano /etc/default/coturn

Uncomment the last line,save and close the file:

Let's config the coturn file,open the turnserver.conf with an editor.
# nano /etc/turnserver.conf

Change the Value of the following lines::

Uncomment the following lines:

Save and close.

Let's paste this command to generate a secret string:
# openssl rand -hex 32

Copy the generated secret string and paste it into the turnserver.conf

Note :
Enabling “use-auth-secret” and setting a “static-auth-secret” will prevent
unauthorized usage of your TURN server and is highly recommended!

Now restart the coturn service.
# service coturn restart

- End -

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In today’s acrylic painting tutorial we paint a camp fire on the beach. This calm seascape painting lesson is done in real time and will cover the step by step process of how to paint fire, water, burning wood and lots of sparks. You can find the colors I used for this palette listed below in the description.For assistance with the drawing process or color mixing process you can find the traceable and reference photo here: me hereMy eBook on the essentials of acrylic painting

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First time I got to watch a delivery, unloading & set up of a large Amish shed in my neighbor's back yard. One man & a truck did it all! 30 minutes to unload and transport to the back yard using a "mule" and then another hour to set it up, etc. Pretty cool stuff & this man was great! The neighbor purchased this shed from local dealer, Carolina Structures - Knightdale, in Knightdale, NC

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⁣Apple Tech 752 is Your #1 Resource for Everything iCloud Bypass.
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Apple just released 2 new software updates , iOS 13.6 and iOS 12.4.8, so you cannot restore the previous iOS versions anymore. In this video I show the best and most up-to-date method to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on the latest versions of iOS.

This bypass is Tethered, meaning if you restart your device it will need to be re-bypassed. However, if you install a tweak called SafeShutdown you can prevent your device from powering off. And the bypass is very short and simple, so if restart and need to redo the process its super easy.

If you want an UNTETHERED bypass with all apple services or a SIGNAL bypass, then check out the matrix on ⁣ It lists every iOS device with all the best options.

Good luck everyone and happy bypassing!

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⁣DIY Replacement of a Subaru Plug. iWire shows you how to replace your Subaru alternator plug.

⁣Tools Needed:
Pick Tool
Small Screwdriver

Warning! Make sure to disconnect your battery before replacing your alternator plug!!!

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⁣I'd like to officially announce that 2020 is NOT Jeffree Star Approved. Here is a video I filmed a few days ago before California went on full lock down. Right now we are not allowed to leave our homes unless to get food or medicine.. We've never seen anything like this happen before. It's been hard to sit down and film with all of this craziness happening but I hope this gives you a distraction for a few minutes. Love you guys so much.

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⁣Asteroid to pass close to Earth on April 29

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UNLOCK Samsung Galaxy Ace Style - HOW TO UNLOCK YOUR Samsung Galaxy Ace Style<br/>

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Hi every one today I will show you, Cooking fresh fruit sweet tamarind cake in my homeland - Polin Lifestyl.<br />Plz follow my channel to more videos like this.<br />Thanks for watching and giving thumb Impression to my video.....

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How To Style Box Braids "Brandy Inspired" 11 Styles

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