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Avoid hemp industry pitfalls. Find good genetics and meet the geneticists.
LEO Sattani
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⁣John Kalosinis, co-owner of Colorado Breeders Depot, walks through a small hemp grow room explaining some of the basic points farmers should consider as they begin to plan a grow room. John urges growers and farmers to understand their COAs and visit the facilities that produce the seeds. He points out some red flags to avoid when choosing the right seeds.⁣

sejnaui ortodoncia
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Biomecánica y secuencia de tratamiento en tracción ortodóncica de incisivo central superior derecho impactado con extracciones de premolares superiores e inferiores.

Stretching Time Before I Pack For My Trip 🧳🌈👙🤸‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️🤗
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Stretching Time Before I Pack For My Trip 🧳🌈👙🤸‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️🤗

OxyContin patients, then and now
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Videos of patient testimonials sent to doctors in the late 1990s reveal how marketing trumped science as more and more prescriptions for chronic pain were written. The patients and their families speak out then and now.

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Yoga river flow, at this beautiful place in #valledelcauca #colombia .Yoga flow will show that not everything in the practice is perfect, a lot of things to work on and improve, especially on my weak side, but that is the beauty of the practice.The challenges that bring on us.Don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell for more!JOIN TO GET SPECIAL YOGA CONTENT TOK BarshThank you for watching!Yogi Cath

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Batalla twerk selectiva Argentina. Nana vs Memu (Primera ronda)
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Ig: @nana.lhez

como dice el host (@simiorancho): "Esto hace parte a la familia, hace saber que los sueños estan para cumplirse y que la familia te apoye ya es un sueño cumplido". Segunda entrada tan especial con mi papá.

Yoga & Gymnastics — Full Body Strech with Olesya — Part 7
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This short and well balanced sequence provides you with everything you need to get your daily dose of flexibility, mobility & relaxation.

Honey Birdette Try On--Christmas Edition
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⁣Honey Birdette Try On--Christmas Edition

Leg Stretching Yoga Routine by Valentina Victoria
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⁣Leg Stretching Yoga Routine by Valentina Victoria

Mix cloves with ginger.🌿 the Indian secret to make hair grow fast and treat baldness.
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Firefighters Help Nearly 700lb Woman To Mattress In Back Of A Van To Travel | My 600lb Life
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Ocatvia is bedridden because of her weight, and hasn't travelled in a car for years. She decides to take herself to Texas to see Dr Now, but the only way she can get there is on a mattress in a van.

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Our baby boy Sebastian is finally here, I will forever cherish these memories.

The Birth of Atticus
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Waterbirth at the Birth Center of Bloomington Normal.

Dr. Lee Discovers What Caused This Fluid Mass On Delano’s Back! | Dr. Pimple Popper: This Is Zit
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After operating on the patient’s fluid mass on his back, Dr. Lee investigates what could be causing the issue and calls him back with good news.

Así extirpa la doctora Lee estos bultos explosivos | La doctora Lee
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La doctora Lee trata los quistes de estas dos hermanas gemelas. No te pierdas una operación llena de "explosivas" sorpresas. Si ya estás registrado en dplay activa la recepción de recomendaciones si aún no lo has hecho.

Yoga Flow — Full Body Strech
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⁣Yoga Flow — Full Body Strech

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Você já fez esta cirurgia ou precisa fazer? Participe do grupo privado do Facebook:

Animação em 3D do procedimento cirúrgico para correção de escoliose (desvio lateral da coluna).

CURIOSIDADE: eu submeti a esta cirurgia em 2009, no canal tem vídeo contando minha história

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➡ Participe do grupo privado do Facebook (exclusivo para quem operou e colocou parafusos):

♿ O grupo do Facebook "Clube dos Parafusados" foi criado para compartilhamento de histórias entre pessoas que fizeram alguma cirurgia e colocaram implantes metálicos (Dispositivos Médicos Implantáveis), pessoas que têm patologias ortopédicas, neuromusculares, Pessoas com Deficiência (PcD), Pessoas com Mobilidade Reduzida (PMR), Pessoas com Doenças Raras e Autistas. O objetivo é oferecer suporte acerca dos desafios diários enfrentados por essas pessoas, trocar experiências, criar novas conexões, orientar sobre saúde, inclusão social, acessibilidade e o passo a passo de obter os direitos para garantir uma melhor qualidade de vida. O grupo é reconhecido pelo Facebook como um grupo ativo, significativo e solidário da plataforma, concedendo o título de “Power Admin” à administradora, que participa de programas online do Facebook.

👩‍⚕ A Dra. Quéren é fundadora da comunidade Clube dos Parafusados, Community Manager certificada pelo Facebook, sobrevivente da Escoliose (operou a coluna em 2009), ela acredita que a Acessibilidade é um direito de todos, sendo fundamental para melhorar a qualidade de vida da PcD e PMR, e que Acessibilidade + Empatia = Inclusão Social. Formação: Fisioterapeuta (PUC Minas); Pós-Graduada em Ortopedia & Esportes; Health & Accessibility Coach - Especialista em Direitos da Pessoa com Deficiência e da Pessoa com Mobilidade Reduzida; e diversos outros cursos extras nas áreas de: Saúde, Fisioterapia, Psicologia, Nutrição, Empreendedorismo, Criatividade, Previdência Social, Política, Acessibilidade, dentre outros [Eterna Aprendiz]; Conselheira Municipal da Pessoa com Deficiência de Sabará-MG.

#Escoliose #CirurgiaDeColuna #CirurgiaDeEscoliose #CorreçãoDeEscoliose #ClubeDosParafusados

Rhomboid Pain (Shoulder Blade Discomfort)
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Your scapular/rhomboid pain is probably NOT your rhomboids! Watch the video to learn why!Intro (0:00)Rhomboid Pain (0:15)Do you experience a deep, dull aching pain along the medial border of your scapula, or that area between your shoulder blade and spine? Have you tried stretching or rolling this area with a lacrosse ball or foam roller only to get temporary relief? Considering the location of the rhomboids, many individuals are led to believe that their discomfort originates from a strain or trigger point associated with these muscles. However, the rhomboids are rarely the culprit so in order to find a long-term solution, we should take a step back and consider a more holistic approach. It’s Not Your Rhomboids (0:45)So if it’s not your rhomboids, what is it and why are you experiencing discomfort in this area? A landmark study by Dr. Ralph Cloward in 1959 applied stimuli to different aspects of the cervical intervertebral discs on conscious patients and had them report where they experienced discomfort. As you can see from the images, a common location for pain was in this interscapular area. Other studies have replicated this finding as it relates to the discs such as Slipman et al in 2005. And Dwyer et al 1976 is well known for stimulating the zygapophyseal joints in asymptomatic subjects and mapping their reported pain. The last consideration, and the focal point of this video, relates to irritation of the lower cervical nerves. You might generally associate this irritation with neck pain and pain down the arm in a nice dermatomal distribution, but Murphy et al 2009 found that occurs in less than ⅔ of cases and around 50% of people report pain in that rhomboid area. In fact, Tanaka et al. 2006 reported “scapular region pain is generally the initial symptom in radiculopathy and can persist alone before the arm or finger symptoms develop.” And in some cases, it might be the only symptom that ever really occurs. So although you might be experiencing discomfort in the rhomboids, that sensation is likely more of a secondary response.Also, I understand that issues with the neck or a nerve sound scary to a lot of individuals, but it doesn’t mean anything is damaged, pinched, etc. I just like to think of it as something being sensitive.Lifestyle Modifications (2:17)Exercises (4:35)Outro (6:41)

Disclaimer: The information presented is not intended as medical advice or to be a substitute for medical counseling but intended for entertainment purposes only. If you are experiencing pain, please seek the appropriate healthcare professional.-----Some of the links in this description are affiliate links which means that we'll earn a small commission if you click on the link and purchase a product. You are not required to use any of our links, but we do our best to put out as much free content as possible so we appreciate any support.

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