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WEPED SS Electric Scooter, An Insanely Fast And High Quality Ride


The Weped SS Electric Scooter is here, and it's one of the fastest electric scooters you can buy. The Weped SS is the next generation of the Weped RR, the popular and highly customized electric scooter from Korea. This is our first video on this fast electric scooter, with many more to come. The Weped SS is comporable to the Dualtron X and the Rion scooters, and we hope to do some comparison videos in the future.

The Weped SS scooter has not been released yet, but you can find the GT50E and soon the SS here:

Some things that help me ride and create videos:
- Fox Sports Proframe helmet:
- GoPro Hero 7 Black:
- 360 Degree camera:
- DJI Mavic Pro 2:
- Boblbee backpack:
- Motorcycle gloves:

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